The One | 2019

“The One” is a performance of an expected but never given kiss as a metaphor for distance between two countries and two peoples. It supposes the idea of touch as a sense prior to all other senses. If you were never touched you wouldn’t have an idea of yourself (one) and the other (two), so there would be no mathematics and there would not be fixed positions.

The performance was part of the exhibition “1999-The oracle told me I would fall in love with the One” curated by Natalija Paunic that uses the events of world premiere of The Matrix and the NATO bombing of Belgrade as an intertwining point between reality and fiction to challenge the idea of strong concepts like believing in the One; one solution; one answer, the clear distinction between right and wrong, the good and the evil.

ArtTribune-Giovane Arte in Slovenia

EastTopics-1999/the one


The one 1.3