news! (the camerman couldn't get far enough away) | 2022

News are here and they are carrying the information about the world; they are here to let us know; not really to transfer the knowledge, and certainly not to acknowledge us. We are the silent witness of the stuff happening all the time everywhere and sometimes news breaks into our lives without us wanting to. Or knowing how to react. But the question arises: is any reaction possible at all? And not in the sense of not being able to do anything about the burning Notre-Dame or the Tesla flying cars, or tomorrow’s weather, but more that the news draws a line between the world of happening and you happening, becoming an exlusionary factor. To think this odd relation between the being of news and humans, Luka Cvetkovic produced an audio installation consisting of news gathered from movies to be played in a greenscreen room. This became a scenography where  small performative acts became amplified, distorted as a means of thinking events outside the language, not yet captured, not yet framed, as the cameraman couldn’t get far enough away.